The easiest way to source rare earth commodities


01/  Eletronics

Rare earth and zirconium compounds are used in follow industries applications: 

consumer electronic devices such as hi-fi equipment, LCD / LED, plasma, MLCC, PZT, PLZT, BCZT.

02/  Glass/Polishing/Ceramics

Rare earths such as cerium, erbium, lanthanum, neodymium, yttrium, or praseodymium and zirconium compounds are used in follow industries applications: glass, polishing, ceramic industry,  mirror manufacturing, as glass additive for coloring / decoloring, stabilizer in ceramics, in ceramic capacitors and UV absorption.

03/  Catalysts

Rare earth and zirconium compounds are used in follow industries application: 

catalysts mischoxides in the refining of crude oil. They improve inter alia, the oxidation of pollutants in exhaust gas catalytic converters. Based on rare earths and zirconium compounds, we offer a wide range of materials. 

04/  Phosphors 

Rare earths are used in the production of energy lamps, LED, LCD  and lasers.

05/  Magnets

One of the most applications for rare earths is the production of magnets. the are used in follow applications motor starters,  electric motors, hybrid vehicles, magnetic resonance devices, wind energy turbines and more... .

06/  Metallurgy

Rare earth and zirconium compounds are used in follow industries application: NiMH batteries, fuel cells, H2 storage, lightweight, and more... .

07/  Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is used in follow industries area : surface treatments, nanosealings, electronics and more... .

08/  Surface coating

Rare earth and zirconium compounds are used for follow applicstion: heat resistance, coating of turbines,  electronic components.

09/  Optics

Pure grades of rare earths and zirconium compounds are mainly used as high concentration dopants in fiber optics,laser crystals, lenses and optical applications.

seltene erden, rare earth , cerium, cer, lanthanum, lanthan, Mischmetal

Nickel Metall - Hybride Battery

Cer, Lanthanum

UV light-absorbing Glasses


LCD screen

Cer, Europium

Glas for the headlights




Hybrid drive

Dyprosium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Terbium

Electric motor



Cer, Lanthanum


Polish for the glasses and mirrors





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Our material is controlled at each stock turnover between our producers and our entrepot, this in order to be able to guarantee the high quality level required by our customers.



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- We create transparency in our product flow

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HIG – Hightech Innovation Group cooperates with leading producers on all continents.



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Provides leading-edge technology to the global chemical industry. HIG Hightech Innovation Group products, systems and services offer the chemical professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. The headquarters of the HIG- Group are in Carinthia Southern Austria in the Principality of Austria.

Our employees, in more than 20 countries around the world, enthuse their customers and build a better future. The corporate culture is founded on integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment. 


HIG Hightech Innovation Group  excels through outstanding innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective marketing.  HIG - Hightech Innovation Group has in Partnership production plants as well as  outsourced research and development centers in Europe, Asia.

Founded in 2014, the worldwide HIG - Group evolved from a small family company.   

HIG - Hightech Innovation Group upholds a clear value orientation and pursues a policy of stakeholder value. Integrating the interests of all the company’s partners – customers, suppliers and employees – into its strategy and actively honoring its social and ecological responsibility creates the foundation of trust that makes possible the long-term success of the company.



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New Product launched Green Rare Earth PIGMENT

August 16, 2016

Green Rare Earth Pigment different coulors SGS Certifcate Material 

mainly used in plastics (masterbatch, outdoor plastic products, PVC profiles, PVC doors and windows), nylon, dental materials, color electronic ink, paint, 3D printing, powder coatings, cosmetics, sculpture,stained glass, navigation buoys , ceramics and other industries.

light red


bright red

ruby red 



and other colours available please contact us for more information office@hig-group.info or +43 660 212 3668

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